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Harley helps.
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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

what's up next

I'm still fiddling with the fonts and layouts and whatnot on this thing to try and make it prettier and more functional. (My day job is as an editor for a Web usability group, so that's how I'm justifying it! Just experimenting for work, yup.)

Anyway, here's my list of upcoming patterns I want to try. Let's experiment with Blogger's bullet formats, shall we?
  • Colette Sorbetto: Everyone says it's easy, I'm in the mood for instant gratification, and I need a couple of cute, semi-dressy summer shirts for work. I just ordered a bias-tape maker. w00t!
  • v1247:  I love the geometric detail on the front and the asymmetric hem (I'm a sucker for anything geometric and/or asymmetrical). I'm going to muslin it out first (everything but the sleeves, probably) and then make the real thing with leftover fake purple linen from v1089. If it works, I want to try and make a travel version out of Coolmax. (Trying to build a travel wardrobe, but travel clothes are ridiculously expensive.)
  • v8819: To replace my beloved Oak + Fort cardigan, which is on its way out. Sad. I like the chevron effect on the pattern envelope, so I'm going to try View B with some black-and-purple striped wool jersey from FabricMart, and maybe another one in plain black.
  • v8461: My very first Vogue pattern (and I haven't cut into it yet). I need a new suit, and I'd like to try this in a basic black flannel, and if that works, maybe some fancy wool.
And later:
  • v8512: Seems to be adaptable to a lot of different fabrics. Going to try it in a lightweight tropical wool check to start (after a muslin, I mean).
  • v1195:  I have some fancy Liberty silky fabric I want to try for the top. It's too nice to use for lining.
  • v1069: Terrifying. I love Issey Miyake and I've been gawking at this pattern for over a year now. I'll probably muslin it out first and then make version #1 in some yellow-orange wool I dyed with coreopsis, and if that comes out, make #2 in black wool.
It'll be an adventure, but I like the idea of just trying to make the things I want, in the best fabrics I can find (and hopefully ethically produced/reworked fabrics, if I can manage it), instead of store-bought stuff that doesn't fit and falls apart in three washes. We'll see.

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