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Harley helps.
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Thursday, August 14, 2014

MPB Day 2014

Our router went bonkers this week, so: belated MPB Day recap!

This year, I went with my friend and former coworker Lisa. She wore her first make, a fabulous black-and-white floral dress made from (I think) a Simplicity pattern. She accidentally made it using scrubs fabric, which is kind of funny because we worked in a hospital. (I told her she should wear it down in the OR.)

I work my Alabama Chanin skirt. (People recognized it!)

We stayed at the Carlton Arms, my favorite almost-hostel. Front-desk kitty was disinclined to check us in.

On Saturday, we decided to head over early for flea-marketing. We had breakfast at a Whole Foods "city picnic" on the way (free samples, score), then joined Peter & co. for the Chelsea flea.

Lisa considered, but did not get, this Helmut Lang vest.

I considered, but did not get, this wacky coat.

I still have a minor case of not-buyer's remorse. When in doubt, always buy the wacky coat.

Then we headed over to FIT for the lingerie exhibit. On the way, I chatted with someone who actually  took one of Natalie Chanin's courses (!) and we talked about sourcing cotton jersey fabrics. (!!) (That's the thing I really love about MPB Day -- getting to meet and geek out with like-minded people.)

After lunch and the BEST PATTERN SWAP EVAR, fabric shopping! I didn't bring my camera, so no action shots, but I spent most of my time in Paron's taking advantage of their 40% off sale. Here's my haul:

Ha ha. I wish.

No, really, here's my haul.

L to R: Soft gray jersey, glazed linen, china silk, metallic gold-and-gray jersey (?), brown ultrasuede.

I guess I really go for the neutrals, eh? Unfortunately, my budget is sort of limited at the moment, so I had to go with what they had -- no crazy teal anything for me. That's okay, though; I really love everything I got, and the jerseys will make some nice basics (which I need; my poor three-year-old black t-shirts are definitely on their way out), and the other pieces are enough for two projects. So, yay.

I'm super-psyched about the glazed linen -- talk about something you only find in NY. I'm hoping the pattern I have in mind is a decent match.

So that's it. Peter was an extraordinarily kind and helpful host, and I honestly don't know how he has the energy to manage an all-day sewing meetup/tour. Someday I owe him the baked good/drink/other edible of his choice (and it looks like he wound up with quite a few leftover patterns from the swap; I wish I could take them off his hands). Thank you, Peter.

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