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Harley helps.
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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Vogue Patterns, fall 2016

New Vogue patterns today!

I'm super super excited about V1510, the Sandra Betzina tunic and dress:

I need this, like, now. I love the fabric they used, too.

(With this and last year's jacket pattern, Sandra Betzina really seems to be going the Mad Max route. I like it.)

Second pattern on the shortlist: V1517, the Anne Klein collarless jacket.

It's very Quinn in UnREAL or Cat Grant in Supergirl. Dig.

On the maybe-shortlist: V1516, the Tom and Linda Platt batwing top, layered-overlay top, pencil skirt and pants. Interesting combination.

I'm intrigued by the layered-overlay top. Could go well, could go horribly wrong. Only one way to find out. And I like the batwing top too (minus the cutouts, which maybe I can find a way to eliminate?), and the pencil skirt is a nice basic.

Just one question: The only recommended fabric is satin-backed crepe? For everything? Really?

<runs to look up satin-backed crepe>

Overall, I'm really pleased at the nice variety of modern and minimal shapes. Not a fan of the ruffles, but at least peplums seem to be on their way out. Plus, yay shapes that work on short people.


  1. I love the top two as well, although did you notice the envelope describes the leather jacket as having a peplum? If that's a peplum then the word doesn't mean what I've thought it did all these years! I'm definitely in the no frilly stuff over the hips camp.

    1. I saw that! I always think of peplums as frilly things -- but this kind of peplum I can do.