Harley helps.

Harley helps.
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Friday, April 7, 2017

Vogue summer pattern update

I bought the Guy Laroche, the Anne Klein, and the Patricia Keay.

I can't stop thinking about the Laroche; it's such an interesting design. How do you even put that together? Metal or covered buttons? How does the overlay work? Why those sleeves? Etc. I kind of want the pattern just for the instructions.

Then, on the PatternReview roundup, I saw the amazing original version:

THAT MAKES TOTAL SENSE. Much better than the all-white version:

I fell in insta-love with the original version and am now trying to figure out how to rent or borrow an embroidery machine to make it happen (either that, or learn hand embroidery, which is a whole new world and something I was thinking about trying anyway).



  1. I wasn't into this pattern until now - yes, the original version makes so much sense! (And so much more interesting than all-white...) I think I can duplicate some of that through hitting up the notions/trimming stores in midtown. Expensive, but easier than hand or even machine embroidery!

    1. ooh, I'd love to see what you do with it!