Harley helps.

Harley helps.
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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Alabama Chanin updates

Fitted dress #2 is progressing. The first panel is done!

Here it is next to panel #2, which is stenciled and ready to go:

So here's the weird thing: 1) the completed panel definitely shrinks/contracts a little bit along the way, and 2) the blues look so different! Exact same fabric, though. I guess increasing the contrast by cutting out the shapes causes that?

Here's what I'm going for eventually:

I'm planning to make the underskirt too -- I ordered this hemp/organic cotton lightweight jersey from Organic Cotton Plus, which I'm hoping will work. Figuring out the beading should be fun. Also, seeing how long the "mid-length" skirt falls on someone who's 5'0".

And pockets! Pockets this time, if I can figure those out too.


  1. How strange about the blue looking different. The shrinkage makes sense because I've heard that quilting has that effect and it's a very similar technique. I presume they must take that into account in the pattern pieces?

    1. Hey! They don't, actually...I thought it was weird that the first reverse applique dress was fairly...snug? compared to the un-embroidered muslin. Glad I cut #2 a bit bigger!

  2. An authentic Alabama Chanin dress...I'm impressed! Enjoying your blog also.