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Harley helps.
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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

holding pattern (and new Vogues)

I know I'm way overdue for an update here...sorry. New job and all that. It's over in mid-November. I like it there and I'll miss the people, but not the four-hour commute.

I've been posting pictures over on Instagram...everything from Male Pattern Boldness Day (very fun) to progress on the Alabama Chanin dress (I'm on panel 3 now!) to dyeing with avocado pits. (Semi-disappointing, but still interesting...apparently you don't need to use a mordant because of the tannins in the pits. I got a light peachy-pink on cotton jersey.) Also a gathered-dress fail, which I still need to unpick and redo.

Here are the 2 complete Alabama Chanin panels, btw:

I like it so far. I'm not completely thrilled about the line across the middle (it's really hard to get the stencil to repeat evenly), but also I'm not really going to worry about it.

I also bought a few patterns from DP Studio (yes, I paid the shipping...overall it wasn't that expensive). Looking forward to trying them out once I have some machine-sewing time again.

Finally, DID YOU GUYS SEE THE NEW VOGUES. Holyshit. !!!!!!!!

I love lots of them (like, it's really going to be hard to decide which ones to get when the time comes), but especially the tabard by Sandra Betzina.

I can see making it up in sweatshirt fabric or fleece for the winter, some kind of fancy fabric for parties, wool for the office. I like the shorter version too:

I really want to know how she proposed this to Vogue. Sandra Betzina: "Hey Vogue, how about a  medieval men's coat for your holiday patterns?" Vogue: "Okay!"

I love how non-trendy it is too. Honestly, if I see one more cold shoulder...

I'm also digging this other Sandra Betzina top:

In the right fabric, it's very Salem-around-Halloween. (So is the tabard, actually.)

I like also the front cutout on the Tom & Linda Platt top:

And I'm intrigued by the Paco Peralta pattern, although once again, I'm not sure the skirt is short-person friendly:

Can I say that I'm also happy that so many of these are separates? Party dresses are great and all, but I only need one.

Anyway, looking forward to having some machine-sewing time in a month or so!

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