Harley helps.

Harley helps.
Harley, my hard-working sewing assistant.

Friday, August 17, 2018

MPB Day 2018

I had the best time at MPB Day—as always! The weather was slightly terrifying (lightning in the morning, sudden showers throughout the day), but I powered through and was glad I did. Here's Peter's roundup, and here's his Instagram with more pictures, and here's mine.

We met in the morning at the museum at FIT as usual. The exhibit was something along the lines of "deconstructed and unfinished," showing pieces in progress and upcycled and mended garments. I loved it. Especially Betsey Johnson's jumpsuit made out of John Cale's old rugby shirts.

And this dress, made from a pair of pants with the lining as the sleeves:

Then it was off to Panera for lunch and catching up and a whole lot of pattern-swapping.

I've always wanted to go to Around the World books and prioritized it this time. It was AMAZING. They had back issues of Marfy (with patterns) for $29, and a ton of back issues of really nice fashion-industry magazines for just $5. I also picked up a magazine "curated" by Eckhaus Latta (I don't quite know what that means, but the content looked good.) And they shipped!

JackJack approved.

I had to run back to Panera to look for my sunglasses (which I found!) and along the way, met the famous Testosterone from MPB, and his friend whose name I can't quite remember.

Then I popped into Metro Textiles and paid Kashi a visit—immediately after everyone else had left, I think. But I met Scott from Toronto.

He bought some shirting, and I picked up this black embroidered lace (which Kashi said was popular—apparently tons of people in our group bought it), a blue floral something, and a glittery black knit.

Afterward we walked over to Kinokuniya, where we (having run into more MPBers along the way) all browsed the pattern books. I was kind of bummed because we had several men in our group, and Kinokuniya usually has a lot of men's sewing pattern books, but this time they only had one or two.

I got this one. According to Google Translate, it's called Pleasant Outfit: Be Good for Handmade Clothes. (Google Translate isn't perfect.)

 It has tons of interesting linen dresses. I love the wavy pintucks on this one.

Tom came with me (but spent most of Saturday museum-hopping). We also managed to sneak in a field trip to our old neighborhood in Brooklyn.

It was REALLY weird. Our old 420-square-foot apartment is now worth $1 million, and there are jillions of shiny new condo buildings everywhere that don't quite fit in with the neighborhood. This is our old bodega, with a shiny new condo building tacked on to the back.

Here's our old front door.

So yeah, that's it. Fun trip! Looking forward to next year. Thanks again for hosting, Peter!