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Harley helps.
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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

new fall Vogues!

I'm SO SO SO excited about the new Vogue patterns, but I keep squeeing over cute work clothes and then remembering that I'm funemplo-- er, "transitioned." But still!

These are on my shortlist:

V1419: Super-awesome Ralph Rucci space-age coatdress. Those sleeves! That collar! Those lines! I've never made a RR or advanced pattern ever, but I'd give this a shot. I can't decide on the color, though. For maximum space-ageosity, maybe a winter white.

V1404: Hard to see the lines with that fabric, but I love the quilted hem and pockets and it looks like it'd work on a short person like me. Now, if I can just find a job to wear it to.

(Or not!)

V1410: Lynn Mizono. I'm intrigued by this -- especially the 3 lengths -- but not sure it would work on my body type. Either way, I'd like to try it because I love modular clothes. (More modular patterns, Vogue!)

 V9037: I overlooked this the first time, until I read Communing With Fabric's review and realized that it's perfect for my beer gut body type. Also good for lounging around watching QVC and eating bonbons.

V1408: DKNY. Hard to see from the fabric, but I love the lines and potential for colorblocking (thinking black/gray or black/red). Wondering what it would look like in Alabama Chanin cotton jersey, along the lines of this other DKNY pattern.

So that's the plan. Clearly, I need to budget some cashola for patterns (and fabric).


  1. You picked almost exactly the same ones as me. The Rucci coat is gorgeous. I hadn't thought of making it in white but I bet it would look fab.

    1. I really love the collar and sleeves. Let me know if you decide to make it up!

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