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Harley helps.
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Thursday, March 30, 2017

new summer Vogue patterns

I love Vogue, but there's not a lot I can do this time around (long, ruffly dresses do not work on short people, and open backs and cold shoulders are not my jam). But I'm looking at these:

V1543, Anne Klein

Dig the pleats in the front. Wondering if it would work in linen? Really wish they'd used plain fabric for the photo.

V1550, Paco Peralta

Not sure if this would work in short-personville, but I really like the shorter top and pants together. I like the Paco Peralta jacket, too.

Unsure about:

V1549, Sandra Betzina

That's some excellent fabric, but again, you can't really see the lines in the photo. It looks boxier in the line drawing?

V1548, Guy Laroche

Appropriate short-person dress, but not sure about the overlay (is it totally detachable?) Could be good, could go so, so wrong.

Those sleeves are amazing, though. I almost want to just get it and Frankenpattern them onto other things. I like the back seams too.

V1542, Patricia Jeanne Keay

Except I don't really need a party dress. (Unless I do. Just in case, right?)

Gah, I just looked over this post and it's "not sure" about everything, isn't it?

Sewing news: Not much happening in that department lately, mostly because of life insanity, but I'm hoping to get back to it soon. I get sad every time I look at my stash. Soon!


  1. I think you're right about the Paco Peralta outfit needing height: that was my very first thought on seeing it! Lovely though. I also liked the Guy Laroche. I think the overlay is fully detachable, or at least it would be very easy to make it so. Quite a nice release for summer in all; normally my least favourite season for patterns.

    1. Such a bummer about the Peralta! I do love the lines. Vogue really had some interesting stuff this time around—a nice change from the usual sundresses. Are you getting anything?

  2. I haven't checked out the latest Vogue offerings; I think I'm afraid to because I have such a backlog of projects to sew! "Not sure" is better than "don't care." It's a start.

    1. I totally hear that! I've been reading patterns every night and wishing I had time to sew them all.