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MPB Day 2013

I had a fantastic time at MPB Day . It was so much fun (and so great to meet other sewists and geek out on fabric the entire day -- whee!) Recap, with pictures: I got in late Friday night and stayed in my favorite cheapie hotel, the Carlton Arms . (I would've stayed at the Gershwin, but it's under new management and I think they're going more upscale, bah.) It's old, and creaky, and every room is painted by a different artist. A couple of scenes from my walls: Also, they have cats. The cat last time was old and grumpy and slept in the lobby a lot. The cat this time was a four-month-old EMERGENCYKITTEN who decided it needed to explore my room the second I opened the door. EXPLORE BED EXPLORE LENS CAP ALL MUST BE EXPLORED The next morning, some of us met up early at the Chelsea flea market. Peter has a nice group photo of us, which I hope he doesn't mind if I borrow. Vicki, Linda, me, Peter, Suzanne At one point, I saw an Issey M

a thing or two

One: I'm going to Male Pattern Boldness Day . So excited. We lived in NY for five years, but I didn't get into sewing until just before we left, in 2007, so I never did the whole Garment District thing. I have lists of stuff I need organized by project. Hopefully I'll be able to find everything. (Like 72" or 108" wool jersey. Help me, NY, you're my only hope.) On Sunday, I'm going to some old haunts: Prospect Park Zoo to visit the prairie dogs, Salvor Kiosk, the Young Artists' Market, my favorite rice pudding place. If they're still around, that is. It's a mini-summer vacation. Squee. Two: I really wanted to wear a handmade something, but my last two projects -- the top and skirt from v1247 -- didn't work out so well. The top is too big and bunchy at the seams (my fault for using French seams with a knit), and the skirt is almost OK, except I had trouble aligning the pockets, so they're not totally straight. I don't reall