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happy new year, y'all

It's been a while, I know. Wish I had an epic things-I-sewed-this-year post, but honestly, I didn't do that much. Here's the list: 1. Plain red Alabama Chanin Factory Dress 2. Reverse applique Alabama Chanin fitted dress 3. Rachel Comey Vogue Patterns 1585 popcorn dress (not finished; posted on Instagram ) I don't love it, but still really like the design and would like to try again, maybe not in mixed fabrics this time. 4. Fixing and finishing of t-shirts using AC fabric: I found out that Eloflex works great for constructing knit seams. Will definitely be using that again! It's been a tough year, but two bright spots were 1) finding a great group of sewists to hang out with (hi, New England Stitchers!), and 2) stitching with my niece. I got her a sewing machine for Christmas, and she's already cranking out bags. Awesome. I don't have a huge list of resewlutions for 2019—I actually wound up buying RTW clothes this year for various reasons