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the last Alabama Chanin airbrushing (for a while)

Sprayed the last dress panel to take on the trip. Things I learned this time around: 1. Blotting is still crucial. 2. One part paint to three parts water is just about the right mix, I think. 3. Wiggle Weights are the best. That is all!

spring cleaning

We're getting ready for an epic trip to Belgium and the Netherlands as part of an exchange program with my husband's school. I can't wait! (I'm also writing two travel guides for Seamwork while I'm over there. Like I need an excuse to go fabric shopping.) Anyway, so my parents are cat/housesitting for us while we're gone, so we're spring cleaning. Dusting ceilings, repainting floors, wiping down baseboards, all that fun stuff. (A thing I found out: Mr. Clean Magic Erasers clean lampshades! Woo.) The sewing room's been driving me nuts -- it's the size of a walk-in-closet, and it's also a storage room and home office, and lately it's been so full of stuff that Harley the cat even refuses to come in, which is sad. So I decided to attack that too. What I did (mostly so I can refer to it next year): 1. Donated all old bedsheets, etc. I was saving for muslins. When I get back, I'll just buy one easy-to-store bolt from JoAnn. 2. Same thin