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spring Vogues

Confession: I like 'em. Still can't do any ruffles or maxis or cold shoulders or open backs. (Saw my dermatologist yesterday! She yelled at me—again!) But I really love some of them and am intrigued by some of the others. Such as! Tracy Reese, V1584 I love this very hard. You had me at asymmetrical neckline with pleats. And that fabric is amazing. Tracy Reese, V1586 There's a theme here, I know, but Tracy Reese always has really great patterns. Love the fabric in this one too. (Don't worry, dermatologist, I'll finagle some kind of solution for the shoulders.) Rachel Comey, V1585 I am...really intrigued by this, and might get it just to see how it makes up, even if the shape isn't  right for my petite apple-shaped self. I love that it's not the usual seersucker dress. Marcy Tilton, V9317 I like this but not sure if I can pull it off. Rebecca Vallance, V1591 I love this, but again with the open back. Cannot do. Vog