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Blogger decided to discontinue my template, I guess. So here's the new one. I spent the last two days cleaning up my sewing space, which always seems to happen in January after the flurry of Christmas sewing. The room is about the size of a large walk-in closet, and it's also where I keep presents, work-related stuff, etc. I'm still struggling with how to store everything.  I also created an Etsy shop  and added some patterns (mostly Vogues).  Planning to put up some back issues of Burda and Threads, and a few pieces of vintage fabric. Back panel #1 of the Alabama Chanin dress is coming along: Close up: It helps (???) that the weather is just about to crap out on us. (I love you, New England, except from January-April.) There's not a lot to do in the evenings except read and binge-watch TV. And sew. My one concern so far about the dress: The top layer of fabric seems to be contracting a little as I sew. Hope that doesn't affect the


or re-SEW-lutions, hahahahahahahahahahaha. <------- funny <------- not funny AKA things I want to do in 2016, because if I call them "resolutions" they won't get done: 1. Start a capsule wardrobe. With Alabama Chanin pieces, because a) I like the way they fit and b) I like the fabric a lot. Ideally, I'd like to get a head start on: a fitted dress in reverse applique (already started) a lightweight beaded mid-length skirt, to layer under the dress or wear alone a blazer (not sure how to make this happen because AC doesn't really have a blazer pattern in any of its books, but maybe I can frankenpattern something from its existing cardigan pattern + a Vogue) I'm also eyeing the color-blocked Five Easy Pieces set in the latest issue of Vogue Patterns (not online yet).  2. Start learning how to make pants. Not "make a wearable pair of," just "start." Because I hear it's a pain in the ass. I have Kenneth King's

...and receiving (sewing-related presents)

You guys, I about fell over when I opened this: It's Alabama Chanin's DIY Verd Unisex Shirt Kit , which I've been eyeing for months. MONTHS. Thank you, awesome husband. I AM SO EXCITED. Here's what it should look like eventually: I'm halfway through embellishing the top: That's the back; I decided to outline the leaf shapes with the (included) Brunette embroidery thread for a quilted effect, although I think it'd be neat just to construct the shirt as is with no embellishment. If I want to make the shirt I fell in love with, though, I'm going to have to reverse applique the bottom part eventually -- which means cutting out a few of the beautiful, perfectly stenciled black sections before construction. Scary. Gotta be done, though. The front so far: AUUUGHHHH I LOVE THIS KIT SO MUCH. You know what I especially love? The wooden embroidery floss spool. Wooden thread spools make me so happy. I always pounce on them at ya

giving (or: holiday sewin' 2015)

Oh hi! Thing I just learned: Blogger is shit on Safari but works fine on Chrome. Anyway, figured I'd recap my holiday make-o-thon. Lots of little sewing projects (and one big non-sewing project). Here we go! Project 1: Kitty fleecy blankets! I make catnip fleecy blankets for the shelter kitties every Christmas. They're super-easy and inexpensive, made with fleece remnants from JoAnn's. Each piece makes 2-3 blankets, depending on the size of the remnant. I buy whatever they have (the kitties don't care), but occasionally I find something really cute, like the hedgehog fabric above. How to make: 1) Cut remnant into 2, 4, or 6 pieces. (Honestly, I don't even measure. I just flip the thing around until it's an even number of pieces.) 2) With 2 right sides together, sew around edges (any seam allowance you want -- I usually do 1/2 inch), leaving small opening at one end. 3) Trim excess and corners. Flip right side out, using point turner or pencil