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new summer Vogue patterns

I love Vogue, but there's not a lot I can do this time around (long, ruffly dresses do not work on short people, and open backs and cold shoulders are not my jam). But I'm looking at these: V1543, Anne Klein Dig the pleats in the front. Wondering if it would work in linen? Really wish they'd used plain fabric for the photo. V1550, Paco Peralta Not sure if this would work in short-personville, but I really like the shorter top and pants together. I like the Paco Peralta jacket , too. Unsure about: V1549, Sandra Betzina That's some excellent fabric, but again, you can't really see the lines in the photo. It looks boxier in the line drawing? V1548, Guy Laroche Appropriate short-person dress, but not sure about the overlay (is it totally detachable?) Could be good, could go so, so wrong. Those sleeves are amazing, though. I almost want to just get it and Frankenpattern them onto other things. I like the back seams too. V1542, Patricia J

oh hi!

It's been a while. I haven't really been sewing as much, although that Sandra Betzina dress is still in progress and I'm thinking about a couple of projects. But a couple of things! First thing: I went to the Women & Textiles Expo in Lowell yesterday and met up with Deepika and a few others from PatternReview. hi! It was really fun! I think it's the first year for the expo, and I hope they do it again next year. There were lectures, a makers' table (we made scarves out of cotton and fleece strips), vendors, and a fashion show. Here's Deepika trying on a jacket from B. Felt: She bought the blue scarf from them: B. Felt! #goals The fashion show was pretty amazing. Here's what won Best in Show: Why yes, that is a reversible coat with a map of Amsterdam made out of felted organic merino wool, no big. I bought an amazing red woven scarf (you can just see it in the top photo) from Elizabeth Springett: Her friend, who ha