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I'm back

I've been sewing -- just not clothes. (Lately: holiday gifts, mostly totes.) BUT I wanted to post this, because I'm kind of in love with this project, and the book it came from. Mini-doggie! It's from Microcrafts , which is mostly about hand-sewing teeny-tiny itty-bitty cute things: monster babies, cats, dogs, owls, you name it. I picked it up on impulse from the library and renewed it until they wouldn't let me renew it anymore, and I'm ashamed to say it's currently two weeks overdue. Whoops. My friend Liz, who was visiting at the time, squeed like crazy over the tiny dog, so I decided to make it and a couple of dog-cessories for her for Christmas. And then I spent a bunch of weeks making repeat trips to Michael's and picking out different colors of felt and generally putting things off. I don't exactly have amazing hand-sewing skills, as you can probably tell, and the thing about the dog is that you have to use a whipstitch. Visible stitches