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Marcy Tilton sparklies

First, thank you for all the kind comments on my Alabama Chanin dress! I really appreciate it. Still mulling over whether to lengthen or shorten...I'm leaning toward shorten. Should be able to spare a couple of inches! In next-make news: I requested some metallic linen swatches from Marcy Tilton for V1510 .  They came super-fast -- I sent the request Friday and just got them today. I kind of love them all:  I can't decide which color to get. Leaning toward Hematite (in the middle), but I like the silver ones too. I also asked about more metallic linen, and they sent this note: MORE SPARKLIES. They know me!

completed: Alabama Chanin fitted dress

Yeah, I can't believe I'm saying that either! It's going to be a long post, so here we go. Design choices Size and alterations:  Straight size medium, with neckline raised a few inches and made into a scoop neck; the original v-neck is really deep Fabric and thread:   Alabama Chanin medium-weight cotton jersey  — top layer in Sand, bottom layer in Dark Grey (only Dark Grey is currently available on their site) — and red craft/button thread Stencil: Anna's Garden Paint:  Tulip fabric paint in Black, watered down and applied with an airbrush Embellishment:  Outside reverse applique -- in which you stitch slightly outside each shape and then cut out the shape exactly on the lines Stitch type:  Straight stitch for outlining and construction, Cretan stitch for binding Here's how it looks on me: Hanging up: I picked the color scheme after seeing it in a sample book at the  two-hour workshop in New York  last year. (Highly recommend eithe

MPB Day 2016

The weather was hot and steamy, but as always it was a fantastic day. Lisa, James, Peter, Anna and I met up at the Blue Dog on Saturday morning for coffee and flea-marketing. James brought his portable hula hoop, so Peter tried it out. He's a really good hooper! We headed over to the flea market, where I gawked at wax-print fabric and antiques, and Peter yo'ed it up: $45 for 2 pieces, bummer can't go wrong with a Duncan Imperial This mirror tho. I wanted to buy an extra bag and take it home And also these candlesticks. Trippy modern! Come to mama! James and Lisa; Lisa's wearing her me-made Sorbetto and white skirt Afterward, we swung through the antiques market across the street (hooray for A/C! ...and also, I'm so going back on the next NY trip; there's an amazing vintage lingerie stall) and made our way to FIT to see the uniform exhibit. I liked the Sacai piece on the right. Then it was off to Panera for lunch, where I patt


Eight months later, it's done. It's in the wash now. Long, rambly post to come! Woohoo!