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two things

Pardon the bad iPod photos. But: Thing 1: Nylon magazine, January 2015 Thing 2: BurdaStyle 135A, February 2014 Just saying.

almost: Alabama Chanin/Renfrew experiment

First, and most importantly: Cinders the cat says hello. From my lap. Sort of. Type? Ha! We'll see about that. Second: I've been experimenting with t-shirt patterns and necklines. T-shirts because I HATE WINTER and want it to go away, and necklines because I just want to figure those things out (and because that way I can make more t-shirts). I tried view D of Marcy Tilton's V9057  and it didn't quite work (love the handkerchief hem, not so crazy about the sleeve piece that's too large for the body -- which could be user error, I mean, maybe I just traced it wrong or something). But she did have pretty good instructions for making and topstitching a neckband. And I've tried making bias binding for necklines both the Alabama Chanin way (single-fold, where the raw edges show) and the Drape Drape way (double-fold, where they don't), and to be honest I'm not really thrilled with either. They're really hard to attach and I always have to tear