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dyeing, UFOs, and Harley

Update one: I'm still making dye swatches for the PEM workshop. Goldenrod with alum, l to r: cotton woven, cotton jersey, wool from Dharma Trading Co.,  wool from Weircrafts, and nubby silk Black-eyed Susan (I think) with alum, also in woven cotton, nubby silk, two types of wool, and cotton jersey I was surprised by the black-eyed Susans; you can't really tell from the photo (bad light, I guess), but they produced a fairly dark range of purple-greys. I totally expected them to make the usual yellows and oranges. I really like the results, especially the Alabama Chanin cotton jersey at bottom right. (All I want for Christmas, Santa, is a billion yards of white Alabama Chanin fabric.) Also, I used the goldenrod to dye the base fabric for an experimental pillowcase: Overnight soak on linen, no mordant. I made this for The Chalifour Collection at the Pickering Wharf antiques market in Salem, along with a few other pieces. (The back story on that: I was out