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Vogue fall picks

New Vogues! Yay! I like this release. A few patterns I'm eyeing: V1563, Rachel Comey jacket. This is so way, way out of my league, but I love the sleeve insets and the mix of fabrics. V9267. Really hard to see it in this fabric, but I seriously love the lines. Best short-person dress ever! V9272, Marcy Tilton top with godets. Can I have it in that exact color? And finally, this Vogue Wardrobe was a surprise: I saw this on the front and thought, "oh, standard Vogue Wardrobe businesswear." But no, it's activewear. I like the sweatshirt: So I think those...maybe? I don't know, I probably won't have time work on them! Until I stop commuting, it's all hand-sweing on the train for now.

Alabama Chanin updates

Fitted dress #2 is progressing. The first panel is done! Here it is next to panel #2, which is stenciled and ready to go: So here's the weird thing: 1) the completed panel definitely shrinks/contracts a little bit along the way, and 2) the blues look so different! Exact same fabric, though. I guess increasing the contrast by cutting out the shapes causes that? Here's what I'm going for eventually: I'm planning to make the underskirt too -- I ordered this hemp/organic cotton lightweight jersey from Organic Cotton Plus, which I'm hoping will work. Figuring out the beading should be fun. Also, seeing how long the "mid-length" skirt falls on someone who's 5'0". And pockets! Pockets this time, if I can figure those out too.