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success, finally

I've been experimentally making t-shirts using the patterns from Alabama Studio Sewing + Design -- just plain versions (by machine; sorry, Natalie). And they're working! And they take no time! I can knock one out in an hour or two, not counting binding. Still not sure about the binding, actually -- the book calls for raw edges to show, but I'd like a neater finish so I can wear them to work. I'm using Alabama Chanin fabric purchased from their last garage sale. It's a dream to work with, but I think I like the lightweight jersey better than the medium-weight. It's much softer.  Next, I want to try frankenpatterning a long-sleeved dress (sleeveless dresses are lovely, don't get me wrong, but New England is COLD, people), with either a scoop or v-neck. Whee. Pictures to come, maybe. In other news (and I don't know if anyone actually reads this, but just in case) -- I have a couple of recent issues of Burda that aren't really up my alley. Any